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In this video and blog post we take a look at a recent Middle Range PCA offence that we ran at Parramatta Local Court, to make matters more serious our client also had 2 additional charges of driving an unregistered vehicle and an uninsured vehicle. Our law firm is highly experienced in representing people on all types of traffic matters in particular drink driving offences. If you would like to talk to someone about a charge that you may have then please call our office on 1300 941 900.

Parramatta Drink Driving Offence + Drive Unregistered & Uninsured

Today I am just giving you a quick update of a matter I had in the Parramatta Local Court. This matter was a Middle Range PCA Offence and the blood alcohol reading was 0.121.

In addition to this offence, my client also had two other charges, and they were drive with an unregistered vehicle, and in conjunction with that offence generally what happens is an additional charge of drive whilst uninsured is also a slapped on, as it was the case on this occasion.

So, my client had three charges to face in court, a Middle Range PCA, a drive unregistered vehicle and drive whilst uninsured. The problem my client did have that he did have two prior drink driving charges on his history, one in 2006 and also, one in 2007. They were both low range offences and both outside the last 5 years – so he is considered a “repeat offender”. However, this is certainly still seen by the Magistrate and taken into account when dealing with this count charges.

The Outcome

My client did a traffic offender program. I was able to submit references from family members, friends, including a person from the local church where he helps out and provides volunteer services.

I was able to persuade the Magistrate to reduce his penalties from what would usually be increased due to these prior offences. But I was able to persuade the Magistrate to reduce the automatic disqualification of 12 months down to 6 months and my client received a $400 fine for the Middle Range PCA Offence.

In relation to the drive whilst uninsured and driving an unregistered vehicle. I was able to persuade the Magistrate to give my client a section 10(1)(A) which basically means that the charges were dismissed despite the fact that he pleaded Guilty to those offences. Overall, my client really got a good result and I believe it came down really to a matter of reading the Magistrate on the day.

Presenting The Case In Court

On the day when I got into the Court, I could tell the Magistrate had a huge list in front of him. He appeared to be quite flustered by the last amount of matters that he had to get through and I noticed that the Magistrate was quickly skimming through the material and paperwork that he had been presented with on my clients file.

I decided that it would be best to be as short, quick yet precise in presenting the message that I wanted to get across to the Magistrate. I wanted to go through the facts and references quickly without harping on my clients very poor traffic history and the 2 prior drink driving offences. By keeping it short and quick I allowed the Magistrate to quickly dispense of the matter without harping on or giving too much consideration to the prior DUI offences.

His Honour quickly delivered a judgment without going into too much detail about the prior offences on my client’s history and the reasoning behind them. I really put across to the Magistrate some of the extenuating circumstances that have affected my client in recent years, and also, painted the picture to the Court to show really that my client is a struggling pensioner. He does have an issue with alcohol but he has taken steps to ensure that this is the last time that he does appear back before the Court again.

He was able to have the uninsured and unregistered vehicle offences dismissed due to his low income and his inability to pay. He did have the support of his daughter there. This gentleman was 57 years of age. But he has a history of some mental illness including depression and anxiety. So, we were able to also submit those issues before the Court to help the Court understand that this isn’t just a regular person who has committed this act of Drink Driving, but it is a person who does struggle in life with the number of issues.

So, the Magistrate at Parramatta Local Court was very receptive to the submissions I put forward and also, the evidence that we tendered to the Court. We really did get a remarkable result for my client on this occasion. The minimum disqualification period of 6 month for a 0.121 Middle Range PCA, especially when he had two prior drink diving offences within the last ten years. A reduced fine to $400 was a really excellent result, and my client was over the moon and very happy. Certainly, he’s vowed that this will be the last time that he appears in a court ever again.

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Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in dealing with all drug and alcohol related Traffic Laws. We attend all courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call 1300 941 900 or Email:
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Joshua Boorman
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Joshua Boorman

Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in dealing with all drug and alcohol related Traffic Laws. We attend all courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call 1300 941 900 or Email: