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Our DUI Lawyers Newtown look at a recent Mid Range Drink Driving matter that was dealt with before Magistrate Williams at Newtown Local Court. If you have a PCA matter & wish to discuss contact us on 1300 941 900.

Newtown Court – Middle Range DUI June 2014

Hi guys its Josh Boorman here from SydneyDrinkDriving.com.au I just wanted to give you another quick update about another matter that I had in Newtown Local Court about a week and a half ago.

Basically, my client was a young lady who had been charged with a Middle Range DUI offence her blood alcohol reading was 0.089.

Now this type of mid range PCA offence carries an automatic disqualification period of 12 months and this disqualification period can be reduced down to 6 month at the discretion of the Magistrate. Because it was a mid range PCA offence this meant that my clients licence was immediately suspended at the time the offence took place but when she called through to speak with us I instructed that she go along and take part in a Traffic Offenders Program.

I was then able to go along to the Court at the first Court mention and obtain an adjournment for her to fully complete the Traffic Offenders Program. Once she had successfully completed the Traffic Offenders Program we were then able to go back to Court and try and reduce her penalties in relation to her mid range drink driving offence.

We arranged for my client to organise some well prepared character references from her employer and also from some friends of hers who have known her for a long time and could attest to her otherwise good character. She also put together a statement of her own to the Court  just outlining what she had learnt from the Traffic Offenders Program and also showing how sorry and remorseful she was over her actions.

My client had been going through a very stressful and emotional time due to some serious personal reasons, I was able to present to the Court an insight into exactly what she had been going through and I was able to put her in a very real and understanding light before the Magistrate to really see what she had been going through in her life. The purpose of this was to show the Court that there was some reasons as to why her judgment and decision making processes may have been clouded on the night that the offence took place.

She had a pretty good history she did not have any major traffic offences in the past and she had been driving for the past 15 years. There were one or two minor traffic infringement but certainly no criminal convictions, no major traffic offences and no prior offences of drink driving.

As mentioned she completed the Traffic Offenders Program, she said that the program was very professionally run and that she took a lot away from completing it. At Court I was able to tender a Traffic Offender Program completion certificate which was well received by the Magistrate.

Mid Range Drink Driving Court Result

The final Court hearing was listed in the Newtown Local Court before Magistrate Williams who is considered quite a tough and strict Magistrate within the New South Wales Local Court system.

Basically the end result for my client was that she had her disqualification period reduced significantly down from 12 months to the minimum period of 6 months. She received a $900 fine which his honour said was also reduced. We also persuaded the Magistrate to make an order that the suspension period that she had already served since the time of the offence when the Police took her licence away and the final Court hearing when the Magistrate decided to hand down the Courts sentence, this suspension period was to be taken into account as time already served off the road.

In effect what this means is that roughly 2 months that my client served under her suspension since she was charged by police would be deducted from the 6 months from the date that her penalties were handed down in Court. In other words my client was eligible to go along to the Roads Maritime Service (RMS) department and apply to have her licence re-issued approximately 4 months after the Magistrate handed down her sentence in Court.

My client was happy with the result she received she was expecting a disqualification period which was higher than this since it was in the middle range. Even though it was her first offence she did try and take steps to re-educate herself about driver safety, how alcohol can affect the human body and the consequences that can come from drink driving.

My client has basically walked away from this whole experience having learnt a major valuable life lesson and something that she never wishes to go through again. But she did say that she was ever so thankful that she was able to rely on our legal experience, knowledge and representation to guide her through the stressful Court process. She didn’t have to say anything at Newtown Court, that was left up to myself and she did say that we took a lot of the stress and anxiety out of the whole Court process.

So she was happy with the way which we handled her matter and prepared her legal case for her and the way in which we were able to present that case to the Court.

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NSW Drink Driving Information was written by Josh Boorman a Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer.

Joshua Boorman
Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in dealing with all drug and alcohol related Traffic Laws. We attend all courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call 1300 941 900 or Email: jboorman@boormanlawyers.com.au
Joshua Boorman
Joshua Boorman
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Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in dealing with all drug and alcohol related Traffic Laws. We attend all courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call 1300 941 900 or Email: jboorman@boormanlawyers.com.au