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Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are available to provide you with expert representation at most Courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs – Call us (02) 9283 8622

Our lawyers are experience traffic, drink driving and criminal lawyers who can best advise and represent you in relation to any charge that you may have to deal with. The Traffic Laws in NSW are quite complex and are ever changing which can make the whole process of dealing with a traffic or drink driving charge quite confusing and overwhelming.

However, after engaging our firm to represent you we will discuss with you how the whole process works, devise a strategic plan and begin to organize a well prepared case for you, so that when your matter is heard before the Court your will be in the best position possible to obtain a more favourable outcome.

We are passionate about traffic and drink driving law, we like to see our clients given every opportunity to get a fair and just outcome and we work hard at getting such good results for our client.

Whilst our central office is located in the heart of the Sydney CDB, we attend a variety of different court each and every day of the working week. Our lawyers are mobile and have a great deal of experience in representing clients at the list of court locations provided below.

We attend all of the Courts listed below.

Please select below for information and details on each specific Court.

It is important to obtain a traffic lawyer who has experience in attending all of the above Sydney DUI Courts and dealing with the sitting Magistrates. Whilst the laws of traffic and drink driving do not differ from court to court, it must be understood that different Magistrates have different personalities and need to be approached in a specific way. This is where a lawyer who has first hand experience in dealing with the sitting Magistrates can gain an advantage over other lawyers who do not travel around to the various Sydney DUI Courts and deal with DUI cases and traffic matters on a regular basis.

Our lawyers understand the law as well as what the judges seek from DUI and traffic offenders, this puts us in a better position that other lawyers who do not understand this.

Sydney DUI Courts


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Please contact Josh Boorman today to discuss Drink Driving Defence and representation over the telephone or via email for an initial FREE consultation with qualified Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers. We are available to attend all Sydney DUI Courts.

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