DUI Offences in NSW


Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers explain that – In New South Wales the Courts take a very serious approach when dealing with Drink Driving Offences or Driving Under the Influence (DUI Offences) and driving whilst over the Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA). Subsequently there are very harsh penalties for these types of drink driving offences and the gravity of the penalties will largely depend on the level of your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and whether or not you have been convicted of a similar offence in the past.

In recent times the Courts and traffic laws in New South Wales have bowed to public demand to take a more serious and tougher approach when dealing with drink driving matters. Understandably the higher your BAC, then the higher your your monetary fine and the longer your period of disqualification will be.

We will advise you on whether or not there are any merits in defending your DUI or PCA charge, whether your BAC reading was accurate and whether the police observe time limits and other procedural requirements. If you have been charged with a DUI or PCA offence then generally penalties of disqualification and monetary fine will apply, however if you have previous convictions of a similar nature then you could be classed as a Habitual Offender and maybe subject to a term of imprisonment.

In New South Wales there are a number of different offences relating to drink driving:

For a run down on what penalties may apply to each offence please Click here.

In order to give you the best chance possible of getting a reduced penalty we will sit down with you and devise a strategic plan which we can then present before the court on your behalf. We will require you to answer several questions in order to gain an understanding about your situation such questions will relate to your personal details, your employment, education, location, family life, financial position, community contributions and other relative factors.

Once we have a clear picture about you and your situation we will then go about drafting up carefully worded Court Submissions based on our experience and knowledge of the law. On the day of the court hearing we will then present those submissions and your case to the court with the aim of putting you in the best light possible so as to achieve the best outcome possible.


DUI Offences in NSW

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