DUI Defences in NSW

However, we also passionately believe that every individual is entitled to know what their legal rights are. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information about your legitimate legal rights to defend a PCA charge.

It generally takes a very specific set of circumstances to run a defence for DUI, the following are some examples of defences that can be relied upon:

Challenge the Reading

 If you strongly believe that the blood alcohol reading delivered to you by the police was wrong then you may be able to have the analysis independently tested which may give rise to a challenge to the blood alcohol reading that the police charged you with.

Honest and Reasonable Mistake 

A very hard defence to prove, however depending on the circumstances you may honestly and reasonably believe that you were not under the influence of alcohol.


The Two Hour Rule 

Police must adhere to very strict procedures and time limits when it comes to charging someone with a PCA or drink driving offence. It may be worth checking whether those police obligations have been followed correctly.


The Home Safe Rule

Again police must following specific procedures when charging a person with a drink driving or PCA offence. If you are already at home then the police cannot perform a breath analysis test and rely on that evidence before the court to substantiate the charges.

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NSW Drink Driving Defences was written by Josh Boorman a Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer.

DUI Defences Disclaimer: It is important to make it clear that neither the author of this article nor Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers encourage or endorse drink driving. In fact, we are FIERCE ADVOCATES AGAINST DRINK AND DRUG DRIVING WITHIN THE COMMUNITY.

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