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Hi guys its Joshua Boorman from SydneyDrinkDriving.com.au

I just wanted to give you a quick update in relation to a Low Range PCA matter that I represented in the Burwood Local Court about a week ago. The matter was listed before her Honour, basically my client had been charged with a Low Range PCA offence as his blood alcohol racing was 0.069 which sits well into the low range threshold. He was 53 years old and owns his own building, design & constructions business. So in other words his need for a drivers license is absolutely crucial to the operate his business and his ability to earn an income.

His traffic history was not all that bad in the last 5 years he had not had any entries on his traffic history and he had been driving since the late 1970’s so he had been driving for quite a considerable amount of time. In the early years that he had his license he did have a number of entries in his history but really over the last 10 to 20 years there has only been 5 or 6 minor traffic infringements that have been entered on history traffic record.

Now a traffic history is something that the Police Prosecution will provide to the Magistrate and it is something that the Magistrate will give heavy consideration to when dealing with the existing or current charges before the Court. Because my client had a good strong traffic history, this was well received by her honour. In addition my client voluntarily went and completed the fully approved 6 week Traffic Offender Program course which was located at Blacktown and this is something that he took part in diligently and completed to a high standard.

My client was able to get some character references from other people and colleagues who he has worked with in the building industry, this enabled the Court to view my client’s character in a more professional capacity. He was also able to get his wife to prepare a written character reference for the Court and this was able to give the Magistrate a more personal insight into how the incident came about, how my client has handled the charges brought against him and further to give the Court an insight into his overall remorse for his offending behaviour.

I then got my client to put a personal statement together from himself in order to give the Court a more personal and direct view of what he had leant throughout the Traffic Offenders Program and also the level of contrition and remorse that he feels towards his offending behaviour.

This statement was very well received by the Magistrate because she could actually see the lessons that my client had learnt and taken away after having completed the Traffic Offenders Program. She was happy that he had completed the Traffic Offenders Program and displayed the lessons that he had learnt. Her Honour took into account my clients strong traffic history.

What was the Court Result for this Low Range DUI?

Her honour ended up handing down a section 10(1)(b) which basically meant that my client was placed on a good behaviour bond for 6 months. He was not convicted of the offence, his license was not disqualified and he did not receive a fine.

My client was absolutely over the moon with this result and really happy. It was the first drink driving type of offence and first major traffic offence that he had ever been involved with. It was a very stressful period and he was really facing a huge loss of income from his work if he was unable to drive. So being able to learn the lessons that he did from this incident and also being able to continue to earn an income was the best result we could have go for this gentleman.

He was really happy with this result and i sincerely believe that he it has been a major life lesson that he learnt and he is the sort of person at the age of 53 yrs who has committed the offence will not be back before the Courts again in the future.

So that was a great result and I just want to say to anyone out there who has been charged with a Drink Driving offence or an Alcohol Related Traffic offence there is help out there, it can be a stressful and trying period to go through and a time where you simply don’t know what to do. But if you do have a charge against you of a similar nature then I would recommend that you go and visit our website which is located at SydneyDrinkDriving.com.au

Quality Burwood Drink Driving Lawyers

At our website you will find a great deal of free information surrounding the laws, offences, penalties and various other important information to do with drink driving and alcohol related traffic offences in New South Wales. Then if you wish to clarify any of these issues of just find out more about the situation that you may find yourself in then you should contact me at our Sydney office on 1300 941 900.

You can ask to speak to Joshua Boorman, who is the head of the drink driving and traffic law department at Boorman Lawyers. We are happy to provide you with a FREE first telephone consultation to advise you on your situation and provide you with a run down of how we can best represent you on your Court matter.

Joshua will be the senior lawyer who will handle everything to do with your matter including all cape preparation and legal representation when the matter appears in Court. So you can rest assure that your matter will be dealt with by a senior lawyer and not just handed off to another junior lawyer or law clerk who has less experience.

What are the Legal Costs for Burwood DUI Lawyers?

We charge our legal costs on a reasonable and competitive Fixed Fee basis. This is one lump sum payment amount for all drink driving Guilty plea matters in the Local Courts in New South Wales. We assure you that there will be no extra costs or hidden expenses that you will be liable for. This ensures that you know, understand and can plan for the legal costs involved in obtaining quality legal representation for your Court matter.

Obviously retaining a drivers license can be one of the most important privileges that they possess since many people are very reliant on their vehicles in order to be able to continue earning an income. So we understand that it is important for you to get back on the road as soon as possible or in some circumstances not have you license taken away at all just like my client was able to maintain his drivers license recently when we attended Burwood Local Court on his PCA matter before her Honour.

So please visit our website at SydneyDrinkDriving.com.au, read up on the information we have there and by all means feel free to contact myself at our office on 1300 941 900.

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NSW Drink Driving Information was written by Josh Boorman a Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer.

Joshua Boorman
Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in dealing with all drug and alcohol related Traffic Laws. We attend all courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call 1300 941 900 or Email: jboorman@boormanlawyers.com.au
Joshua Boorman
Joshua Boorman
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Joshua Boorman

Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in dealing with all drug and alcohol related Traffic Laws. We attend all courts in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Call 1300 941 900 or Email: jboorman@boormanlawyers.com.au