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If you have been charged with a drink driving offence in New South Wales and you have been issued with a Court Attendance Notice otherwise known as a C.A.N. to appear in the Bankstown Local Court then you should know that you will be far better off having spoken to a professional drink driving lawyer who can best advise you on your situation and what can be expected throughout the Court process.

Our Bankstown DUI Lawyers are not just your run of the mill lawyers, we specialise in the area of Traffic Law in New South Wales and in particular offences of drink driving. We have the experience and expertise in handling drink driving matter and we will be able to sit down with you to plan out a strategic and well prepared case to present to the Bankstown Local Court in order to get the best result possible for you on your drink driving charge.

Our Bankstown DUI lawyers regularly attend Bankstown Local Court and for this very reason we have a better insight into how the Magistrate operate and what attitudes and views they have on alcohol related traffic offences. We also have good working relationships with the Police Prosecutors at Bankstown Local Court so that we are able to have discussions with them on the day of Court to assess whether they have any particular views that they will be pushing for on your drink driving matter. So at the end of the day you can rest assure that our Bankstown DUI Lawyers have the experiences, expertise, specialist legal knowledge, good working relationships with Magistrates and Prosecutors, and the best strategic thinking to plan and present the bets drink driving case possible for you when your matter comes before the Bankstown Local Court.

If you decide to engage our Bankstown DUI Lawyers then rest assure that the specialised drink driving lawyer who will represent you at Court will be the lawyer that you speak with on the telephone and who will make himself contactable at all times should you have any queries or issues you need to clarify.

Bankstown Local Court is located at:

Cnr Chapel Road & The Mall
New South Wales (NSW).

Bankstown DUI Lawyers will be available to attend Bankstown Local Court for you on your drink driving or traffic charge so long as you make contact with us and give our Bankstown DUI Lawyers enough notice to attend and appear on your behalf. The current sitting Magistrates and Judicial Officers at Bankstown Local Court include:

  • Magistrate Reiss
  • Registrar Trotter

You should know that Bankstown Local Court is a newer style and medium sized Court. The Local Court at Bankstown can get extraordinarily busy and can at times be very overwhelming, especially if you attend unrepresented then you may find it hard to know where to go, what to do and who to speak to.

Certainly, our Bankstown DUI Lawyers attend Bankstown Local Court frequently and have a good knowledge of the inner workings of the Court. It is situated at Cnr Chapel Road & The Mall in Bankstown.

If you find yourself in the situation where you have been charged for a drink driving or alcohol related traffic offence in Bankstown or the surrounding areas then you will more than likely need to attend the Bankstown Local Court in order to have your matters heard by the Court and Magistrate.

Please feel free to contact our Bankstown DUI Lawyers for a free first telephone consultation so that you can find out more about the stressful situation that you may find yourself in. We can also begin to discuss with you specific tactics and strategies that we use to plan and present the best case possible before the Court. By engaging our Bankstown DUI Lawyers top act for you then you will be in the best of hands right through until you matter is finalised in the Bankstown Local Court.


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Bankstown DUI Lawyers was written by Josh Boorman a Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer.
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