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Our Balmain DUI Lawyers attend Balmain Local Court on a regular basis for representing clients who have been charged with drink driving or alcohol related traffic offences. We know better than most how stressful and trying a period it can be after being charged with a drink driving offence. So our Balmain DUI Lawyers are honest, professional, passionate and highly experienced in the area of Traffic Law in New South Wales.

By choosing to engage our highly experienced Balmain DUI lawyers you are choosing lawyers who attend Balmain Local Court very regularly and have a good insight to the attitude and manner in which the Magistrate runs the Court out at Balmain.

Upon engaging our Balmain DUI Lawyers to act for you in relation to your Traffic Offence we will sit down with you and devise a strategic plan to present to the Balmain Court in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Our Balmain DUI Lawyers will be able to discuss with you all of the laws and potential penalties that exist in relation to your particular offence and furthermore we can keep you fully informed of each and every step of the legal and Court process.

Rest assure that the Balmain DUI Lawyer that will be representing you in the Balmain Local Court on your drink driving matter will be contactable at all time as they are simply a call or an email away to answer any queries of issues that you may have. Aside from being highly experienced and effective Balmain DUI lawyers we are often commended for our ability to provide the right support and guidance to our clients.

Balmain Local Court is located on 368 Darling Street in Balmain and after attending the Balmain Local Court you will soon realise that it is a small old style Courthouse. Any Local Court matters which have occurred in Balmain or the surrounding areas will be listed in the Balmain Local Court before the Magistrate.

Upon being arrested for a drink driving charge you should receive a Court Attendance Notice (C.A.N.) The Balmain Local Court will hear a drink driving or other local Court matters. The Courthouse is a more old fashion style of Court and it is made up of just one larger Court situated at 368 Darling Street in Balmain. Generally anyone who is charged with an offence in Balmain or its surrounding suburbs will ultimately be charged and processed at the Balmain Police Station. The majority of people charged and processed at Balmain Police Station will be issued with a Court Attendance Notice (CAN) which will direct the person to attend the Balmain Local Court on a specific date and at a specified time.

Balmain Local Court is located at:

368 Darling Street
New South Wales (NSW).

Our Balmain DUI Lawyers are available to appear before Balmain Local Court. At the time of writing this article the Magistrate that sits at Balmain Local Court is:

  • Magistrate Christine Haskett

When looking for a lawyer to represent you in the Balmain Local Court on a drink driving offence then you should choose a Lawyer that specializes in the kind of matter that your need representation. Our Balmain DUI Lawyers are specialists in all areas of traffic law, we focus our energy on specializing in all kinds of drink driving and alcohol related traffic matters.

Our Balmain DUI Lawyers are situated in the City however we regularly attend Balmain Local Court on these types of alcohol related traffic matters.

If you are facing a drink driving charge in Balmain Local Court then you should contact our Balmain DUI Lawyers, we are happy to have a FREE first telephone consultation to discuss your matter and provide you with an idea of strategy and case planning that we can put in place to help you achieve the best Balmain Court result possible.


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Balmain DUI Lawyers was written by Josh Boorman a Sydney Drink Driving Lawyer.
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