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On 8 September 2003 the New South Wales legislative introduced a new program which would enable offenders of alcohol related traffic offences to get back on the road in a shorter period of time so long as they drove a vehicle with an installed and approved Alcohol Interlock Device.

Whilst you may think that entering into the Alcohol Interlock Program….



The Alcohol Interlock Program is a new court based charge for beverage drivers that commenced on 8 September 2003. The program makes it easy for DUI Offenders and drivers sentenced of certain major alcohol-related offences to go on driving after a reduced incompetency duration if they acquire an interlock motorist licence and participate in the program.

Who is eligible?

The court will choose who is qualified to get in the program. The court may release two orders for eligible culprits. The first order will certainly specify the full incompetency duration for the offence. The 2nd order may specify:

A reduced duration of disqualification (the ‘incompetency compliance duration’).
A DUI interlock device participation period during which time the motorist holds an interlock driver licence and is subject to specific licence conditions.
Participation in the program is voluntary. Those that do not get an interlock motorist licence from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) will definitely be called for to serve their full incompetency period.

Exactly what is an alcohol interlock?

An alcohol interlock device is a digital breath-testing device linked to the car ignition interlock of an automobile. The vehicle will definitely not begin unless the driver passes a breath exam.

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Why is the interlock penalty being introduced?

Beverage driving is a factor in approximately one in five fatal crashes. Over the 5 years 1998 to 2002 there were 525 people killed and 9,011 people injured as a result of a drink driving crash.
The interlock charge offers drink motorists by having an opportunity to fix up themselves and to lawfully drive when they are sober.In addition lots of consume drivers continue to offend. Each year around 18 per cent of those convicted of drink driving have a previous drink driving conviction. Drink driving is also connected with driving while precluded.

This brand-new charge will certainly aid to remove drunk drivers from our roads and prevent drunk driving.

Interlock installment and servicing

Prices associated with the installation and servicing of alcohol ignition interlock systems are the duty of the participant. Information of prices and linked expenditures can be identified by clicking right here. Presently, Guardian Interlock are the only approved provider of alcohol interlock installment and servicing in NSW. Additional queries about the expenses connected with the program can be directed to Guardian Interlock.

Drink-less program

As part of the requirements to obtain an interlock motorist licence applicants need to attend an assessment with a specialist no earlier than 28 days just before the end of the disqualification duration.

The assessment has to be made by having a doctor who has actually been trained by Sydney College to offer the Drink-less program.

The Drink-less program is a survey about alcohol utilization that takes around 5 minutes and is followed by a short conversation by having the specialist. At the end of the dialogue the physician will certainly offer you a pocket-sized self-help Drink-less booklet on prevention.

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You can not pass or fail the Drink-less program. It is made to offer interlock driver licence applicants by having the possibility to review alcohol concerns with a doctor.The Alcohol Interlock Program Details Package deal includes a Drink-less certificate for the specialist to sign. Interlock licence applicants must take the certificate to the assessment. At the conclusion of the assessment, the physician will sign this certificate.The Drink-less medical certificate is submitted at the electric motor registry as part of the application for an interlock motorist licence.All costs associated with the medical examinations have to be paid by the applicant.

You cannot pass or fail the Drink-less  program.  It is designed to provide interlock driver licence applicants with the opportunity to discuss alcohol issues with a doctor.

The Alcohol Interlock Program Information Package  includes a Drink-less certificate for the doctor to sign.  Interlock licence applicants must take the certificate to the consultation.  At the completion of the consultation, the doctor will sign this certificate.

The Drink-less medical certificate is submitted at the motor registry as part of the application for an interlock driver licence.

All costs associated with the medical consultations must be paid by the applicant.

Information source derived from the RTA website.




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